I’ve always imagined her to have a gap in her tooth 

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Let’s stand in the sun together 

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aw :3 

Boy I hated Old Sally, she was like all of those phoney guys out there

Halfway through The Catcher In the Rye, I thought that was what Holden would say C: 

ginevvra inquired i'm looking forward to more of your art :)

Thanks! C: 

ginevvra inquired your eragon art is fantastic!!! unfortunately theres not a lot of eragon art on here (esp of eragon himself - hes so underrated) and you draw him so wonderfully. typically im used to seeing a blond movie eragon and that never sat right with me as i loved how he was described in the books.

Thank you! I love his character a lot and his journey in all of the books and I try to portray him as how he is C: 

Anonymous inquired WOW ! Your sketches blew me away !! were are You from ?



Percy would be a great father C: 


Miss Saigon- I highly recommend it C: